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How To Fix OpenGL Error On Minecraft(Windows 10 & 8, including 7)

I have tried some solutions tho but none of them is working(from upgrading driver card until reinstall windows). Then 5 days later i found out that downgrading my java (mine from jre8u131 to jre8u51) made my minecraft run smoothly. So guys here is the thing if you want to downgrade your java

2. Download and install your java
3. Run your minecraft.

Besides that solution, there is another solution for this problem(this solution only work for those who haven't updated their graphic card yet and only for intel user, coz mine is intel)
If you using windows 10 or 8 :
 1. First thing you need is a zip file of your graphic card driver
 2. After that open your driver file and find Graphics folder
 3. Find a inf thing (system information) called kit51428.inf (in some version kit49864.inf or idlh64.inf)
 4. Open and copy everything under [IntelGfx.NTamd64.6.0] to [IntelGfx.NTamd64.6.2]. It should look like this:


5. Save the file and now we must disable the driver enforcement.
6. Press shift(hold) go to power button and select restart
7. Wait for a moment until this picture showed up(select troubleshoot)

8. Choose advanced options

 9. Choose startup settings

 10. Choose disable driver signature enforcement

11. Wait until your computer restart
12. To install your driver go to settings - system - display - advanced display setting - then display adapter properties

13. Now choose properties - driver - update driver - select browse my computer for driver software - let me pick from a list of device drivers

14. Select have disk - browse and choose the .inf file 

15. Click open, wait for 1-3 minutes and enjoy your new driver.

Thats the end of my guide for open gl fix(just want to help :). Sorry for my bad english and my newbie design of my blog(still learning). Thank You and Have Fun!!!!